This is not a year like others for Garsán. The arrival of 2018 has marked the proximity of a very important date for the company, because 50 years are not met every day. It seems incredible that 50 years have passed since that 1968 in which the brothers Santiago and Emilio Santos along with their cousin Antonio García, constituted their first society, sowing the seed of the company that is today.

An important period, which includes the work of a lifetime, but which has become very short because it has been full of activity, full of projects, innovative ideas, new business lines, collaborators and friends.

This 2018 is historic for Garsán, because we celebrate our 50th anniversary. That is why we want it to be a year of exchange of ideas with other companies, of transmitting knowledge, of celebrations and of support for the causes of Social Responsibility in which we believe. During all these years, our most important values ​​have not changed, but these are the ones they help us to ensure that we are proud of our companyand are demanding with our purpose of giving added value to everything we do and that our client consider us more as a collaborator and not as a provider.