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Technical Office

Today, more than ever, manufacturing firms are being impelled to develop more innovative products while striving to satisfy the demands of the clients for high quality products.

But the need to perform "better, faster and cheaper" in an extremely competitive global market is easier said than done.

The problems we have to overcome when developing a new product are among the biggest challenges we face today.

For this reason, GARSAN has the support of SIEMENS PLM, including access to their most advanced engineering solutions with long-term potential. This is the only unified solution available in the industry covering all aspects of product development, from the initial conception through to manufacture.

With this solution, GARSAN has improved the productivity of its conceptual design, engineering, simulation and manufacturing teams, while generating numerous initiatives for reusing materials. Our engineering teams are able to make use of the data from several CAD systems in their design, analysis and manufacturing processes, minimizing the need to regenerate this data and improving the times of the analysis and automation cycles.

The SIEMENS CAD modeling tools are the most advanced on the market constituting a radical change compared with conventional CAD systems in terms of the capacity, versatility, flexibility and productivity they bring to the product development environment.

This solution has allowed us to eliminate the tasks that do not provide added value and improve the productivity and performance of the design team, particularly when dealing with large-scale complex models.

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