At GARSAN MECANIZADOS we operate a management system that integrates all the financial and technical aspects without neglecting the environmental ones, since all these factors contribute towards enhancing social well being and sustainable development. In this respect, all our activities derive from a management policy based on social responsibility, respect for the environment and full compliance with the legislation. This is possible thanks to an emphasis on teamwork and the numerous training programmes provided to promote learning and raise awareness about responsibility and personal commitment to the environment.

With this aim in mind, GARSAN MECANIZADOS has introduced an Environmental Management System which complies with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 Standard, certified by AENOR, the Spanish Standards Agency. Its scope covers all of the company's business operations.

As further evidence of our commitment to the environment our firm has not only obtained the ISO 14001 certificate, but we have gone beyond that by also obtaining EMAS certification.


EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary standard of the European Union that acknowledges those organisations that have introduced an Environmental Management System (EMS) and are committed to pursuing continuous improvement verified through independent audits. The organisations recognised by EMAS ―whether these are industrial companies, small and medium enterprises, companies in the service sector, government authorities or international organisations (including the European Commission and the European Parliament)― all have a defined environmental policy, employ an environmental management system and regularly provide accountability for the operation of their system through an environmental declaration verified by independent bodies. These organisations are recognised by the EMAS logo, which guarantees the reliability of the information provided by the company.

At GARSAN we have implemented environmental improvement initiatives both in our offices and at our production centre. Small gestures such as reducing paper use through computerising data as much as possible, cutting energy use in our facilities and raising awareness amongst our staff of the importance of separating waste according to type and the danger it poses, with the intention of recycling as much as possible, are the small gestures that we believe make at large contribution towards saving our planet.

All this has helped our company to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated in recent years and we hope that this is to become the trend in the years to come.

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