In 1968, the company “Taller Mecánico GARSAN, S.L.” was born in Burela, a small village in the Mariña Lucense, Galicia. At that time, it was situated in the street Eijo Garay of the same village and was run by three workers: Antonio García, Emilio Santos and Santiago Santos, who were always given support and helped by Jorge Santos, father of the last ones.

In the beginning, GARSÁN was devoted exclusively to machinery construction and vehicle repairing, but at the end of the 70s its activity was increased due to the construction of the factory Alúmina-Aluminio, ALCOA, in the nearby village of San Ciprián, an international company devoted to aluminium manufacturing which would eventually become one of its biggest customers

The beginnings
First Workshop

Fourteen years after its foundation, the facilities in Eijo Garay were too small and, on the 2nd January 1982, GARSAN moved to a place outside Burela where a future industrial area would be set.

In the 80s, GARSÁN started to have bussiness relations with big industrial areas at a national scale: Bilbao, Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona...became new markets.

New industrial area
Air view

In July 1986, the company changed its social condition becoming a private limited company. Since then and up to now, GARSÁN has been growing and expanding its facilities, as well as its material and human resources to become an important model in the manufacturing of mechanical parts, both in the area where it is placed and the Galician autonomous region.

But GARSÁN also became famous abroad thanks to some achievements carried out by the brothers Santos Mon.


In 1996, a Dutch ship loaded with 1300 tons of Swedish steel arrived at the fishing harbour of Burela. It was the first time that a ship with those characteristics arrived at those coasts and, above all, loaded with material to be manufactured in the town.

Swedish steel in Burela

In 1999, GARSÁN founded a factory of bimetallic pieces called "clads", becoming one of the few companies manufacturing this kind of pieces at a worldwide scale.


In 2006, Dolores and Santiago Santos joined the company. A new generation which, plenty of enthusiasm, brought the obligation of learning from experience and the duty of providing the company with the technological innovations and means required by the modern markets and companies.

Constant innovation

Close to its 40th anniversary, GARSÁN has about 25,000 m2 of facilities and the current staff is remarkably bigger, but its main targets are the customer satisfaction and the achievement of the highest quality product by means of the daily work and the persistance, which have always defined us.

40th Anniversary


That year, some projects aiming to cut considerable expenses to our customers were developed by the R&D department.

Moreover, it was also in 2011 when GARSÁN implemented a new cutting-edge company management system guaranteed by Microsoft, whose aim was a better management of the production time.

Workshop in Burela
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