GARSAN S.A. (from here forth GARSAN) located in Ctra. N-642, Km. 416, Burela, Lugo (Spain) with Company Tax Code A27030394 and represented by SANTIAGO SANTOS REY with ID xxxxxx offers in its website particular contents about its activities for informative purposes.
The current general conditions rule only and exclusively the use of the website GARSAN by the users logged-in. The current general conditions are displayed to the USER in all and every page of the website and everytime a USER enters his data in the existing forms, so that he can read, print, file and accept them, not being able the USER to duly enter his data without this acceptance.
GARSAN S.A. is inscribed in the Register of Business Enterprises of Lugo, Volume 93 of the Registry Book, Registration 1ª Page 71, Sheet 1650.
The access to the website of GARSAN implies the unqualified acceptance of the current general conditions for use that the USER confirms to fully understand. The USER compromises not to use the website and the services provided in it to develop activities against the law and to always respect the current general conditions..


1.1.- The use of the website GARSAN S.A. does not constitute the obligation for the USER to be inscribed, except if this USER wants to use the current products data base in where he will have to register by filling in the basic form. This subscription will be ruled by the specific general conditions. The access and use conditions in this website are strictly ruled by the current legislation and by the principle of good faith. The USER compromises to make an appropriate use of the website. Every act violating the law, rights or third party interests is forbidden: right to privacy, data protection, intellectual property, etc. GARSAN specifically forbids the following:
1.1.1.- To carry out actions able to damage the systems of GARSAN or third parties through the website or any other means.
1.1.2.- To carry out any kind of advertising or commercial information, directly or secretly, the sending of massive mails ("spaming") or the sending of huge amounts of e-mail to block network servers ("mail bombing").
1.2.- GARSAN will be able to interrupt in any moment the access to its website if it detects a use against the legislation, the good faith or the current general conditions- see fifth clause.


The contents incorporated in this website have been developed and included by:

2.1.- GARSAN, using external and internal resources so that GARSAN is only responsible for the contents internally developed.
2.2.- GARSAN reserves the right to modify the contents existing in its website at any time.


GARSAN is a registered trademark. The use of the trademark GARSAN by third parties and by any means, including the name and the logo, is forbidden, except if it is expressly allowed by GARSAN. All rights reserved. In addition, the website of GARSAN - its own contents, the programming and the design of the website- is completely protected by the author rights. Reproduction, communication, distribution or transformation of the aforementioned protected elements is strictly forbidden, except under expressed consent by GARSAN.


The current general conditions are ruled by the Spanish law. They are competent to solve all the controversy or conflict emerging from the current general conditions in the Courts of Lugo and the USER expressly renounces to any other jurisdiction he can make use of.


In case any clause of the current document is declared an invalid provision, the rest of the provisions will be in force and will be interpreted taking into account the parties´ will and the very purpose of the current conditions. GARSAN will not be able to execute some of the rights and faculties confered in this document, which does not involve in any case waiving to them, except if there is an expressed recognition from GARSAN.